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After finding a terminally ill man with a fortune and no heirs, a desperate young mother hatches a plan to hide her children in the crawl space of his lavish home while she lives upstairs and waits for him to die. She soon discovers he is hiding a far bigger secret.


R.D. Womack II’s debut film follows Lester, a privileged underachiever obsessed with his materialistic lifestyle. When he wakes on top of a snowy mountain, Lester must fight to survive the cold while dodging a mysterious killer called Wolf. With few supplies and a frigid winter bearing down on him, Lester is forced to overcome his inadequacies, and find the strength…



DOCUMENTARY – “LOUDER THAN LOVE” – While the West Coast was groovin’ to the sounds of the “Summer of Love” in 1967, Detroit was pumping out a hard-driving, gritty, raw sound that was “Louder Than Love.” The Grande Ballroom stood as the epicenter of the Detroit rock music scene in the late ‘60s. Serving as the starting point for bands…



When Anna,  a  young chauffeur, picks up a client at the airport she gets sucked in into a dangerous game between her obsessive client and his lover putting her life in a mortal danger.


An ex-con vacationing with his family in LA get his wife attacked and left for dead and his daughter abducted by a kids-trafficking ring.  Suspected by the police to be behind these heinous crimes, he now must prove his innocence by tracking down the real criminals and bring them to justice in this taut Action-packed Thriller reminiscent of both TAKEN…


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Exploring the worlds of white privilege, magical realism and the apocalypse, Director Nik Fackler takes a drug addled conspiracy theorist, an entitled love drunk musician, and an American film crew deep into the jungles of Western Africa, searching for Iboga, an extremely potent psychedelic plant said to have the ability to heal drug addiction.  What initially begins as a trip…


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